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Dimensions and Physics

I would like to theroize that two exact same physical dimensions can exist but in one time and matter is moving in the exact opposite direction as the other.

This would be inpersieviable in all but one dimension. 

Transit of Venus – I was wrong about how long this thing lasts…

This is what you want for time and date to look at the sun:


I have the paper glasses that they use at eclipse events.  Right now where I am at it is cloudy.  I plan to hand the glasses out but it would be nice to know the time that I should be looking for the transit.

The simple maps that they have online say visible at sunset…

Here is a video that is going to have the entire transit:  http://www.exploratorium.edu/venus/  It is going to be from an observatory in Hawaii.  The transit there will start at about 22:00 Universal Time.  Which is about 1800 Eastern time (6pm).

Transit of Venus | exploratorium.edu/venu

NASA has some Universal Time tables that one can reference:  http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/transit/venus/city12-2.html

Here is a display of UT vs other times: http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/cgi-bin/timer.pl

I am on the east coast near Rochester, NY.  It should start at 6:03:44PM EST and end at 06:21:23pm EST. I hope the sky is clearn.

I was also able to use a transit calculator (http://xjubier.free.fr/en/site_pages/VenusTransitCalculator.html) to get some accurate times.  I compared the accurate times of my location to some others and sunset times and they did not match.  The transit has nothing to do(really) with sunset rather it has to do with when Venus is between you and the sun.

Here is some more information from Exploratorium:

“The transit starts at about 22:09 Universal time (Greenwich mean time) on June 5 and ends at about 4:49 UT on June 6. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center has prepared Circumstances for Cities tables so you can look up the transit times for particular locations. The times are in Universal time; you can convert to local time by using the World Clock—Time Zone Converter. (You may notice that the date given for the transit on the tables is “2012 June 06″ rather than June 5–6. That’s because the date is for Greenwich, England. Greenwich is at the prime meridian—0° 0′ longitude—and is the starting point of all the world’s time zones.)” (http://www.exploratorium.edu/venus/question3.html)