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2015.03.00 – Monthly Update

w00t.  AZ is treating me well.  Lots to do.  I am going to be starting a project here soon so stay tuned.  I just have a ton going on right now but I wanted to get some of these links out and this post is already a few days late.

See you next month.


JO –

Looks like in depth resource on android security:

The Truecrypt Audit of 7.1a phase one is done:

Home of the Stoned bootkit:

Diceware Passphase Generator:

Create Some Encryption:




HSL – Autochimp Intergration – 2014.09.22

So, if you are receiving this message you are on my blog mailing list.  Don’t you feel special?  I know, I know…I would to.  Lets see what we can do with this.


Test Message 1

Google Ads


I added google ads to my site just to figure out how to do it.  You can always use Adblock for chrome or Firefox to block them.

We will see.


WordBooker Installed – Facebook Test Intergration

I have installed wordbooker to publish posts to my facebook organization page.

This is a test.