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2015 – First Update of the New Year

General Stuff
What to say.  It has been a while since I have updated you guys, been really busy with the transition to Tucson, AZ.  AZ is nice, and right now, cool.  They say it will get hotter here in a bit.  We will see how good things are then.

Working on a few projects but just finally got everything setup at home two days ago.  I visited a hackerspace here but was throughly turned off.  More arts and crafts then hacks and live a little.  Still I may go back.  Anymore some of them I find are more of a utility and not a commune.

Mount Lemmon
We finally drove up the mountain right near us.  Something like 9000 feet.  We liked the sights and hopefully we will get some pictures up soon.  It was really cool and we were looking forward to eating once we got to the top of the mountain.

We looked at all three restaurants and a fudge maker too.  I was really surprised to see so much stuff up there.  There is a very small town at the top.  Summerhaven is the name of it and it is pretty cool.  I suppose they call it that because it stays cool during the summer there.

We ate at the Sawmill restaurant there and it was very good.  They were turning guests away though because they had some special valentines day dinner scheduled.  I just did not know what to think when I saw someone who biked all the way up the mountain get turned away because they were closing early to get ready.  Hours and hours of biking and you get to the top and get turned away.  I assume he went somewhere else but it seemed like Sawmill was the only restaurant with variety.  It seemed like the other restaurant would only have cookies and pizza.  They turned away many other guests too.

I am going to do this:  I have wanted to do something like that since Hawaii.  The observatory in Hawaii was on the big island and I do not even know if I could visit it.  I really do want to.

pfSense Firewall

The QoS burst setting is broken in pfSense.  I really needed this feature too so it sucks.  We are on a BW limited line at work and this would really help with large downloads.  I think I may have to put another/different router in the mix.

Centurylink is the perfect example of a bureaucracy.  I recently had the pleasure of doing business with them and they took days to weeks to respond to emails.  They never pick up the phone.  Ever.  Everything with them was slow and they had steps that they had to go through to slow things down more.  They would ask for information, and then act on it months later.  All these milestones that mean nothing.

Once our connection was up, it immediately went down.  They had some bad copper somewhere.  The funny part is, they sent me an email telling me it was messed up (Automation).  They would only act on it until I confirmed that yes, things do not work.

I did learn for any long runs on a T1 from demarc to router you should use Premises Cable.  See my wiki and google for more info.  It is disputed what a ‘long’ run is.  It was not applicable to my situation.

Wireless Signal
That link above has one of the best representations that I have seen of wireless signal.  That it is just like a lightsource, with ‘beams’ that can be blocked.

You can receive images from the ISS on 145.800MHz channel using RTL-SDR and a simple antenna.

Coolest thing Ever:


The Game Of Life

Einstein Lecture

Media Consumption
Jupiter Ascending – I think that it was good.  I would have change some things, but I think the ratings it is getting are not justified.  I think the entire cleaning toilets thing was a bad idea.  The best part of the sound track was in the credits, they should have moved that forward.  It felt like some of the acting was rushed.  It reminded me of dune though, with how the universe is ran.

Caught up on The American’s and now working on Marvell right now.

 John Oliver is back!


Generate XRAY Easy

Very Cool.

Mikey Kittrell

Mikey Kittrell – GINGERBREAD

News Network Specifics

I was looking to see if they have other specific news networks.  I do not know why cable networks have not tried this yet.

Where are all the weird specific news networks.  I would enjoy 24/7 coverage of hacking news.  I know sites are out there…but….just an idea.

Dimensions and Physics

I would like to theroize that two exact same physical dimensions can exist but in one time and matter is moving in the exact opposite direction as the other.

This would be inpersieviable in all but one dimension. 

Kim DotCom Case Comments

The news revolving around Kim Dotcom is crazy.  I still did not get how the feds were able to get the authority to go to this guys house and take his stuff but whatever.

From wikipedia:

New Zealand authorities were cooperating with the United States’ FBI and Justice Department, Hong Kong Customs and the Hong Kong Department of Justice, the Netherlands Police Agency and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Serious Fraud and Environmental Crime in Rotterdam, London’s Metropolitan Police Service, Germany’s Bundeskriminalamt and the German Public Prosecutors, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Department of Justice in the investigation preceding the arrests.

I guess this is great but why do we have different countries with different laws if we have people thinking that laws around the world should still be the same?

The worst part about all of this is how the US is being reflected on the internet over this.  The future of cloud storage in the US is at risk now because we had to go seize a bunch of movies and whatever.  People are not going to want to put any data in the US.  Why host your data in the US when it is just going to be seized?  Someone could intentionally infect your data with something illegal and then the FBI comes and takes it.  It may just be talk on the internet now but people are actually thinking about this stuff somewhere.  Making decisions where to put their data.

I have heard that in this case though many legal take downs where tried…but who really knows.  Many legal take downs are tried all the time everywhere.  If one user in some city shares a file on some p2p network do we take down the entire internet in the city to find this one user?  No.

I really wonder how many of those files are legit and how many people they upset by taking this data.  In the case that they are going to pursue against this gentlemen and others this is going to be a factor.  It may be that large amounts of data may be legit.  Quote from that link:  “Counting only Web-based file-sharing, then, Megaupload accounted for more than a quarter of corporate traffic.”

This is HUGE and the impacts that this case and the actions that the FBI takes are going to be important.  The future of the security of our nation and our economy will be effected by this case.  We may be making things more difficult.

Remember this is not the first time that the FBI or a gov agency has taken a massive amount of sites or files down before.  Remember the time they took down something like a million blogs because of a few bad nuts?  That was miniscule compared to the amount of data and servers Megaupload had.  Quotes like “Megaupload, the popular Storage and Back-Up Service which accounts for roughly 1% of total traffic on fixed access networks in North America.”

Here are some graphs and tables:

Stop pissing people off.  Better ways exist to do the same thing that they are doing.  How difficult would it have been to throw up read only copies of the data?  For 1 more week the world could have stood Megaupload existing so honest people can keep their honest data.

They were talking here about how long it is taking to clone some data.  10 days to copy 26 terabytes?  That is either a lie or it is embarrassing.  I can clone 150 TB of data in a day with the right hardware.  So can anyone.

Clone the dam hard drives and give them back or give them the clones.  Stop delaying.

Dotcom is a moron.  How the heck you have 150TB of data and not have that stuff backed up somewhere? (I get that it could have been backed up on megaupload servers but still…somewhere else)  This is standard IT, act of god type stuff.  The people that only hosted there data on mega-upload are suckers too.  This is a good education in cloud hosting for everyone.

Megaupload was used to share pirated material and everyone knows this.  But I bet Amazon EC2 is.  Softlayer is.  Any of the large data providers.  That server you have your VPS on…I bet you someone with another VPS on the same server is hosting something copyrighted.  When they find illegal data in the Amazon cloud you think they go in and take a whole rack of data?  No.

If seizures keep going the way they are going hopefully people will realize what the ‘cloud’ is really for.  Not that it is some type of magic layer of the internet that is safe and secure.  It is a volatile layer of complex hardware and software that can have massive cascading failures.

I may not be educated in the global complexities of copyright law but even I can see that something is strange here and that we are doing it wrong.

I am not arguing for Dotcom or the FBI because I do not know enough, but from the news that I am reading…something is amiss.

Im Slow…Things Slow

I decided a few weeks ago to take a break from everything.  Web-design, remote support, and most anything that really bothered me (Work).

I supposed it worked because I no longer have all the shit that was on my mind when I decided to forget it all.  I am not trying to figure out what direction to go with my many varied tech interests.  Where to start and focus my efforts is the greater question.

For about another week I can think about this as right now I am in the middle of moving.  After that I should have the space and the internet I need to get something rolling.

While complex technology does not bother me or any advanced user a lot of my time is spent reinventing the configuration and customization wheel.  It gets really tasking sometimes.  Setting things up over and over again.  Things should be easier and more modular.  Simple commands, etc.

I can do anything on a system.  Its all about the learning curve though.  I can think up incredible ideas and do.  I just have a lot of them.  I need to narrow down this list and put some energy into a project/idea/etc.  Something big.  Something soon.  This project has to be for more then just myself.  I have done enough of those to hone my own skills.  I have done enough of those period.

So many new ideas and projects are alive on the internet and across the world.  So much is happening and sites/process have sprung up to enable people and organizations to successfully create new things.

On that same note it is sad that the same forces that are supposed to protect innovation are enabling companies like Apple to corner the market and stem innovation.  Instead of companies competing to make the newest and best tech they now have the power to hold back and wait till they make more then enough money off their products.

To the laymen the toys that they purchase are magic and incredible to people like you and me we know that they are just proprietary limited junk and could be 1000% better.  We spend a majority of our lives getting this shit that they build and sell to do what we want.  They fight us at every corner and every bridge.

The only people that will help us is us.  This is why social media and communication technologies are so empowering.  Facebook is crap.  It is made for the laymen user and designed to employ their time and generate profit.  It is insecure and built to collect information for advertisement and profiling.

The ‘cloud’ is crap.  Something like:  “lets put all our important private data on super computers which can crack our shit encryption”.  Bleh.  Past the buzzwords and sales ‘engineers’ is the truth.

The truth is that it is our job to build and design simple technologies that are secure and reliable.  Simple to build and customize.  Simple to realize and change with adaptable code that can run on anything and do anything.  Linux and open source software is the key and those of us that use it know this.

So many programming languages.  So many hacks built into one OS.  The most adaptable OS on the planet.  What is stopping its propagation on every desktop?  The software built for Windows and Mac.  Adobe, Office, Etc.  Money and patents changing our bright future into a dim pile of non sense.

It is not that we are lazy, its is not that we are not trying hard.  It is the external forces that influence everything we do.  When we group together  and build our own custom external forces we give ourselves and everyone around us new self guided direction.

Food and Such – Weight Loss – Etc – Bad things killing you quicker…

I have always been of the opinion that a lot of cancer and disease is caused by our environment.  While we have found a decent amount of chemicals that did cause disease it seems that as time progresses more and more chemicals get integrated into food and we find out later that they are causing problems.

How does this happen?  Lack of oversight and standards?  Who knows.

I am posting about this because of the recent news that concerns how our processed foods are made and the things that are put in them.


One study talks about how how BPA dramatically shifts the metabolism of animals and such:

I recently read something along the lines of how nano particles in food erode the intestinal track.

You would expect the people that make this food and those that regulate it to step up and be on top of this stuff but since the manufacture of foods and such they have not been.


What really should we be eating? – Crowd Sourced Movie Remake

Check it out.  While it may not be the most watchable.  It is a good example of crowd sourcing.

Random Words

I am a listener.  I have been embeded with attention.  Pay attention.  Have enough respect for your fellow individual to hear what they have to say and who they are.  Help others achive and you shall to.  At least it will show you what achivement is like.  An example for you to emulate maby.  See the world as it is.