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Boycott Cisco – Cloud Connect – The worst decision ever made, ever.

So.  You are a major seller of electronic equipment that is used to safeguard the worlds data.  You purchase a company that sells more consumer hardware and are doing pretty good.

You must be doing too good because you decide to change your business model and take a giant dump on so many people.

Who in their right mind decided that subscribing people people to a service where a company gets to manage their internet equipment and potentially and easily access their personal information was a good idea?

Hold on.  I have my social security number, address, and mapped DNA for everyone to share too.

Cisco should have just said that they wanted to create a massive controllable botnet for their own use.  They should had stated, before the upgrade, that they wanted to make it so they can access your family pictures, your written work, and bank accounts too.

What Cisco did has to be illegal as they just took over how many devices and are now under control of equipment that they do not own.

Six strike rule – Really F*cking Stupid

Unbelievable.  I suppose it make sense as the same people that own the movie and music content also own these ISPs.  I hope we can pull our heads out our asses and make sure someday we show these idiots what the internet is and what it was really meant for.  I love when people get paid off to help run propaganda campaigns for corrupt and evil groups.

I picture a free future and I say most other people do too.  They have limited our bandwidth on our residential connections while business users get to use as much as they want (Comcast does this).  Now they are telling us what to do with them?  How much money do these people really deserve?

All the complaints and proof that the organizations that work for the RIAA and MPAA are launching false claims and generally corrupt and heads of ISPs still want to give them more power?

They just get to fire off reports about your IP and you get educational notices in the mail.  I think the only education that people are going to get out of this is how to use a VPN and where to purchase a Seedbox.  If users in other countries are learning to bypass government censors how easy do you think it will be fore Americans to bypass these guys?

This battle has been being fought since they introduced cable modems in the US. It really kicked off when Napster hit the streets and music artists did not have enough cash to wipe their asses with.  Fuck them.  I turn on every radio station and hear shit.  I turn on my Netflix and most of all the movies I want to see are missing.

How many years later and they are still fighting the war on consumers. What a crappy business model.  It is insulting.  What a giant shame that these guys even get to think about how Americas internet should be when they have not a clue about how it should be.  ISPs hear these guys grumble and they instantly agree because it means larger profit margins for them.

How much more money will they save when you are afraid to watch your TV on-line because you may go over a bandwidth cap? You also better forget helping the community and sharing out that new Debian ISO for fear of the big bad ISP. Wtf. The internet was built on the shoulders of great individuals and these morons just continue to destroy it. How the hell did we let this happen?

The answer is that we did not. The sheep let it happen. The sheep who check their email everyday, browse AOL, and that is about it. They pay full price for super fast internet thinking it will speed up the spyware infected computer that they use.

To be honest with you these ISPs should not even have a clue what we are doing with our internet connections. They do not need to know a majority of the things they know to keep the network running. The reality is that they need information to use against a user when they need proof so they can slow s users connection down.  They need to slow that users connection down because they cheeped out and did not put enough fiber lines in for the neighbourhood they are trying to feed.

And we are letting them get away with it. I am letting them get away with it. You are letting them get away with it. Where is the dam competition?  Where are the 100mbit up and down connections to the house linking the world together in ways we cannot imagine?  They can do it.  Google is doing it.

It can be done.  We have the technology to support 100Mbits and more.

With emerging technologies they should be able to shoot super-fast internet into my dam brain. Now instead of that wonderful and glorious idea I have to deal with some asshole constrained and edited version of the internet.  What happens if I want to download 2 terabytes of random internet? I can not do it because the man will kick me in the ass for it.

This is a war on the human mind. Why should a normal person have access to that much information? They may get too smart. They are lonely peasants on the path to normalcy and servitude and they do not deserve to know that much. I may be stretching it to far. I may be. I do not think that I am in a way.

I do not think that I am because every decision that the people that run these companies make looks more and more like the decisions made and methods used buy oppressive groups since information through communication existed. Are you poor? You are not allowed to read or write.  We are not going to teach you and it is illegal for you to own books. You can also eat after the rest of us aristocrats get our grub on first. Fuck that. I want my food now.  I am hungry.

Who cares about video streaming?  You think video is going to remain the dominant bandwidth hog over the next century?  It may be but not the type of content that these copyright groups target.  Video conferencing, live video streams from the Google glasses project, so much information that is about to come bursting over these backbones and we are too busy listening to these content industries bitching about something they they themselves should have fixed over 10 years ago.  We should be forcing these corporations to step up and deliver our content they way we want it.  If only Americans were not so hopelessly addicted to reality TV and really bad movies.

Internet technology is going to change massively in the next 10 years.  Eventually even, fully encrypted connections will outplay application level sniffing and control.  We are making useless laws and the guys that design file sharing technologies are 1000 steps ahead of us.

Somewhere in the future we are going to be looking back and wishing we would have prepared for the future instead of fighting it every step of the way.  That time may be soon or that time may be far away.  I just watch the world play.

WordBooker Installed – Facebook Test Intergration

I have installed wordbooker to publish posts to my facebook organization page.

This is a test.