The Internet

A story….

I would not be possible. This would not be possible. People have been using the Internet for so long we forget what it really is. Does anyone really remember what it was like before the Internet? How slow information used to move? How limited access to information was? Who controlled the flow of knowledge globally?

Why do you think any of us are like we are today? When I was a child no Internet existed and instead I had nothing but books. I love books.

My first computer was the key to the door that opened everything else in my life. The Internet was just the path. Networking protocol and information. I had more knowledge at my fingertips then at any public library, anywhere. I had more knowledge then any other human in any other previous generation. I did not need to worry about censorship or belief. It was the one place, the only place, that one could be free and not get punished for it.

I could learn anything and everything…and I did. I still do.

We have more information at our fingertips then any other generation ever and considering the growth of knowledge and data every second, one could say the same in that manner. Every second our combined knowledge grows because of the Internet.

There have been and still are many enemies to that freedom. The more I read about them the more angry I get. The more I participate in what people think the Internet is the more I know they have no idea what it represents and what it has given us and continues to give us.

Unlimited, unconstrained, access to information and people. I still can not understand why people and organizations like you want to take this away? You should be ashamed. If you were to head to the streets and start burning down libraries and setting up theaters there would be riots. You are taking advantage of peoples lack of understanding of technology and people like me know it.

It could be that the Internet has leveled the playing field in so may ways that someone or something somewhere wants to stop this. It could be possibly that they are losing control of ancient business models, outdated information control methods, and populace development influence. It could be that they want to crush that freedom and bring the world back to a place where they control it.

I for one will not stand for this and I think I know plenty of people who think the same way. Especially considering that they too have similar stories. That they too realize how important this information and how fast it moves between people and systems is.

Politically, when the Internet was young I used to hope that the US government would make constructive simple laws the same way I thought freedom in this country is. Laws regarding the Internet have turned out to be nothing but a disaster. Restriction, after restriction, after restriction. Unenforceable restrictions even. Where are the laws protecting freedom on the Internet?

The Internet is a freedom that should be protected. It is an essential tool that has become the pen and paper of the modern generation and if you should choose to infringe on that right or limit that right you are an enemy to the very fabric that this nation was founded upon.

Generate XRAY Easy

Very Cool.

To Whom It May Concern


Mikey Kittrell

Mikey Kittrell – GINGERBREAD


You ever have that feeling like you should go backward.  That feeling like you should stop, accept the commonly used practices, just make things work the way they should work.  I do, and I recently realized that I should ignore that feeling as it is dangerous.

But everyone accepts it.  Do it as it needs to be done.  Roll with the easy.

With some of the things that I do, I get this overwhelming sense that I should just keep the capabilities at a minimal and not explore the new.  If it works it works.

I think one of the big problems with exploring the new is that not many people did it.  I think if more people did it the new would be better.  It would work better.

The problem with pushing things to the edge is that you have this constant sense of failure and you have to learn to deal with it.



Having never done much with startups I decided to head over to startup weekend Honolulu to see what all the fuss was.  It took place at BoxJelly a coworking space that, from what I know about it, had quite humble beginnings and was bootstrapped by itself.  I originally visited the BoxJelly because I was interested in HICapacity a Honolulu hackerspace/makerspace.

I have visited many makerspaces/hackerspaces and wanted to meet some of the individuals of one of Hawaii’s.  Hawaii is an interesting place with unique people and being the type of person I am I sometimes take culture for granted.  I could tell that for myself to really get to know these people and understand the combined culture at BoxJelly and HICapacity I would have to spend some time there.  While I did attend a VR meeting led by the gentlemen named Ka’i but after that I just could never find the time to head over and hangout.  I live about an hour away and it is just not possible with my schedule.

I also attended a pre Startup Weekend event because I have always been interested in starting a business and I was interested in the framework that I was told about when that conversation came up.  I registered as a Developer and proceeded to listen to some entrepreneurs and other speak.  They later held a raffle and I won free ride to the event.

I emailed the email address that I was told to email for my free ride and never received a response.  I just waited to see if they were going to coordinated as the date got closer.  I still did not receive anything.  Being on the mailing list, when the date was closer, I started receiving ticket purchase emails alerting me to purchase a ticket soon.  I emailed the address again and this time received a response!  Being I did not need a ride I received my highly discounted ticket which I will not reveal the cost of.  BOOM I WAS IN.

Before the Event

I did not know what to expect and having been to a lot of conferences over the years assumed it may be the same.  I knew that I was going to have to work with a team and get a business running in 54 hours.  Sounded fun.  I have a lot of ideas but I could not think of one that I wanted to use at the event so I was going to just wing it and join a team when I got there.

Having never started a real business or attended a Startup Weekend before I almost thought about pulling out as I wanted to get some coding work done on a personal project of mine.  I manned up and thought:  when would I ever get to do this again? Also from my earlier journeys to BoxJelly I still had interest.  I also had the dream of winning or at least starting something great with someone that could continue after the event.  It is so hard to get a group of people together and get them to do anything collectively.  In fact it has been said that this is the hardest thing to do for any entrepreneur, focusing many people on one thing.

Game Time

I was able to meet a few founders of some seemingly lurcrative business startups in the begining and listened to some of them speak.  It was cool to meet one of the founders of LaunchKey as security is what I am all about.

Startup Weekend made all this 54 hour stuff possible quickly.  It streamlined the process of generating ideas and creating teams.  Here is a list of teams that was generated/won out:

  • Open Patent
  • Crowdless
  • Tidy Panda
  • Race Life
  • Focus Opus
  • Date Day (aka D Day)
  • Atmo Systems
  • N/A (Amanda Nelson)
  • Karat
  • Supply Me.ORG
  • Robo Liquidater
  • Name Hub
  • Startup Weekend for Musicians
  • DivePortal
  • Honu
  • MJ New Co
  • AdDuels

While all of them were striving to be innovative there is a few I would like to mention before I head on to the rest of the story:

Open Patent is a wonderful idea.  It involves setting up a patent system of framework and support to allow one to patent the things they want to protect while also giving industry hope by promoting and guiding one to opening patents up.  I hope this venture is successful and hopefully I get to participate in it in the future.

Race Life is innovative in the fact that it tracks your running movements and lets you challenge people virtually online.  It is a cool idea.

MJ New Co was about the emerging markets of Cannabis sales and how if one had a proactive stance on this issue one could defiantly profit.  While this venture is controversial the creator was serious and this is what counted in my opinion.  With increase legalization of this drug one could think of this eventually being the same as starting a Beer company.  Do you know how much money Beer companies make?

There was a few other ideas that where pitched that did not seem to gain any traction among the group that attended.  One was an education aggregator that wanted to put the free education and classes online in the hands of the learner quickly and easily.  I liked this one.

I also tried to pitch an idea called impedancewiki but being that I did it on a whim and was unprepared I did not do to well.  I found my self more nervous then I should have been and in the end concluded that if I ever want to do that again I should have at least have the idea in a presentable form as I know I did not get the idea of the project understood and felt that everyone thought it was just going to be another wikipedia.  Considering that it is much different then that and I received few votes I know I did not do a great job.  Still it was great to get up there, experience the situation, and have a venue to present my idea.  Next time I think I will be ready and understand what the initial 60 second pitch part of Startup Weekend is all about.

The Challenge

While I thought most of ideas where great I really did not want to spend the rest of the weekend programming something I did not want to make.  I wanted instead to find a cool project, something original, with someone who really needed my help.

I ended up being part of Robo Liquidator.  The idea that really wants to bring real robots into your life.

I ended up grouping up with a master coder who can use vim and pound out java code like nobody’s business and learning a lot of different things.  The coder also challenged me an pulled me outside of my comfort zone by asking me to figure out things that I never figured out before.

We also had a third part time member on the team who helped us with the presentation of the product but was focused on the open patent project I mentioned earlier.

I did a decent amount of coding and ended up hitting a wall with it at one point as one of the venues we wanted to post some pictures to seemed to not work well with python mechanize.  It was getting close to the end and we needed something.  After moving to twitter and twython we raced to the end of the product coding with some integration between the two code sets and did some testing.

Since we only had three people on the team we had a bit of a hard time working on the rest of the project and our business presentation was not as flashy as the rest.

The judging and presentation event was in an hour.  We had to move on…

The Math

We had some live technology and knowing the problems that come up with demos once we got the prototype tech working we wanted to present.  We ended up presenting first and did a decent job for the number of hours we could possibly put in it.  The robot moved, could be controlled over the Internet from anywhere, had video and took pictures.  It was awesome.

The rest of the groups had some clever presentations.

We did not win…

I think if we would have had a few more team members we really could have won.  I also think we needed to open up the uses of the robot at least for presentation to the judges.

While it would have been nice, since it was my first time, I was happy to even be there and enjoyed every second of it no matter what.  It was also great to meet some new people who had vision and enthusiasm for new things.

I plan to continue this adventure and I will and I think that is what this entire event was really all about.

Time to move forward.

DEFCON 21 – Proliferation – Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani

Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani spoke to Defcon 21 about nuclear proliferation and cyber warfare.

Being this guy worked for the CIA and a bunch of other places I was a bit disappointed in his presentation format.  A lot of quotes.  It seemed like he was just presenting information that was out there and I missed some of his opinions.

He did state that cyber warefare should be under a similar treaty that nuclear arms already are (

I am almost glad I was not at Defcon this year so far as right after his speech, instead of speaking about what he was talking about, everyone was asking him about the Snowden disclosures.
The only reason they had a point in asking him about this was possibly to loop it in to some type of cyber warfare treaty.  They did not ask him for that reason though.  They asked him to harass him.
I get that people are angry but I thought the people at Defcon where smarter then this.  How far is harassment going to get with this guy?  Did you need to take your anger out on someone?
When the question was asked, instead of saying no comment, he did want to say something.  Was he prepped?  Did he prep himself?
After that initial harassment a legit question was asked but the question was directed at his mention of a firewall.  I think it was assumed that he was talking about something like China has.  He stated creation of an organization is what he meant.  An organization to oversee.  Oversee what?
They finally got a microphone for the questions.  Someone asks a real question about how exploit finders are not rewarded but instead punished and he responds stating this is what he is talking about.  How this should be changed on a global level and they should be rewarded.
Then another person gets on and trys to offend the guy.  “I am not sure why you are here.”
It is shit.  It is not shit because they are arguing with him.  It is shit because what they are arguing with him about and also what points they bring up.
It is true that WMD’s were used to start the war but the goal for anyone going up on stage should have been to get as much information out of this guy as possible.  You can argue later.  That is how this works, not that this guy is my enemy, but you have to know your enemy.  If the gentlemen that stated “I am not sure why you are here.” was smart he should have thought about questions that would have gotten real answers out of the guy.  What a waste of fucking time.
Who participated in creating your speech? was the next question. Only he did.
He was then asked about how can we trust what the government is saying about other countries nuclear weapon capabilities and was told that the government had been lying to them about it.  DeTrani responds by telling people to forget about what the US government is saying and check out this: and make your own conclusions.
I don’t know if this guy is really this ignorant of technology or if he is dodging questions but when asked about hacktivism (I mean the first thing I would ask is for a more strict definition of what we are talking about here).  It does seem like after being harassed for a while he becomes more dismissive.
I wish someone asked:  How do we become involved?  Because that is his answer to a lot.  Involve yourself.  I think he wants to call attention to how an international treaty with cyber warfare is being thought up and it needs to be shaped.
He did use a lot of sensational terms, but think about it.  What does this guy do.  It is his job to use these sensational terms everyday while he is working.  They are no different to him then any other word to him and that is both a strength and a weakness.  It is a strength because to him this is normal conversation and he is not brought out of his zone by them.  It is a weakness because some of the words he uses when talking about cyber warfare you can tell he does not understand completely.  It is either that or he is copying how they are thrown to him or around him in his daily job.  Like CSI giving a brief about the Linux kernel or something.  “We need a firewall” really means that we need to work towards securing everything.
The problem is that either way, this sucks.  You have the people making the decisions going:  Make a Firewall.  The engineers make the firewall and the decision makers decide to use it because they think everyone else wants it and they are confused.
Can you imagine how much power you could have in the group that he operates in if you actually knew what you where talking about?
What a way to treat this guy.  He took it like a champ.

Defcon 21 Vids

Watch them!




2010 Chevy Equinox Radio Take Apart

2010 Chevy Equinox Radio Take Apart

3d cloud plugin




HI Startup Weekend

Quite interesting event.  In the beginning it was about the people that run the local startup helpers.  Blue Startup, Startup Hawaii, Startup Digest.  The startup Energy Accelerator had a video to bring.  It contained information about where the money and motivation comes from (navy, government, etc).  They state that HI is a startup “paradise” and have a focus on innovation in electric and energy production and control.  Applications for them close on 27th.

Guy came up and talked about what he does that is more on the software side.  Alot about how his business was started.  It took him a long time to get funding.  15 to 20 presentations.  Friends did not help, etc.

Where is the secret information on how to get to the point that one will be accepted as a startup in a competition.  I suppose a start would be in startup contest rules.

Startup America renamed to Up Global.

Startup Weekend!  Experiences shared about startup weekend.  One about trying to sell tea online.  It is made for anyone.  She (the speaker) never seen anything like it before.  Startup weekend builds a bond amongst the group that your are in to help with future ideas

No matter what anyone says it seems to take time.  Though business takes time in general it also takes time to enter and qualify for the competition.  That is, someone will present about their startup org and then state that the deadline is in December.

News Network Specifics

I was looking to see if they have other specific news networks.  I do not know why cable networks have not tried this yet.

Where are all the weird specific news networks.  I would enjoy 24/7 coverage of hacking news.  I know sites are out there…but….just an idea.

NSA Thoughts.

It is just about the future. We know how politics works. We read about the extensive measures put into place to make this a temporary program. (Sign, Resign). The real concern is how fast things changed. How our friends that watch the news did not care about that changing privacy. They did not understand it. To busy using that device that is destroying there privacy. It is fun to use. What happens next when we want to dig a little deeper…what will our culture turn into then?

Will they be too busy working, making things better, or playing, forgetting about work to take the time to write and say, I would like to think and be my myself. To say: Once I know something is there, I cannot forget that it exists…I cannot ignore it. Will they change? Will you change? Humanity has been fighting the good fight since we wanted to learn to control ourselves. No death, no theft. We want good to prevail…we want freedom…we want to exercise that freedom to build, create, and do things that the world has never seen. We want to impress.

The world is a bad place with people and organizations that have bad intentions to do bad things. How can we stop them in the now? I think we are on track to doing that. We monitor, peruse, and prevail. We make mistakes…but…there is this one thing. It is just the future. The future that a select few of us worry about. We have read, studied, built, and thought about those dreams which are the future.

We dream and see technology that some could never fathom, we want to make it, we want to see it made. We see others like us make it. We see others use that technology for destructive purposes. We do not like it. When the next technological feat is discovered, created, marketed, and changes humanity forever… we are going to use it? Are we going to use it to limit ideas and flow of information? Are we going to use it to discover the untold secrets of the universe, the surface of something we have not even scratched yet? Are we even going to know about it or have access to it in our lives? Is it going to be limited to the elite? What are they going to do with it?

Who decides? The government? The public? The inventor?

Because right now, it is the past. We are forcing some of the most creative people in the world to adapt to the same technology that we use to control the worst people in the world. We are changing the shape of our very own shared existence because we are afraid. We are all afraid to speak, to share, and to know. We do not need to just watch, we need to tell. We need to show., We need to share. We need to enable. If we don’t then what are we going to tell our children, children’s children, and even the generation after that when they ask: Why can’t we talk and think about that?

Sensationalism and Control – Times News Bullshit

I was checking the news this morning and I came across this article:


It has to do with a DDOS attack that spawns from Cyberbunker being added to a blacklist.  Cyberbunker DDOS’s the hell outta some DNS servers if the Times News article is anywhere close.

Here is a quote from the article:  “The attacks are becoming increasingly powerful, and computer security experts worry that if they continue to escalate people may not be able to reach basic Internet services, like e-mail and online banking.”

The guys that write this shit suck.  People are pulled into it too.  Computer security experts are ‘worried’.  About fucking what?  Email and online banking?  Netflix?  Who cares if you cant access your shitty Netflix.  OMG I NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE IN THE BANK NOW.  I WONDER IF GMA GOT MY EMAIL ABOUT THOSE COOKIES?  First world problems.

Another quote:  “These things are essentially like nuclear bombs,” said Matthew Prince, chief executive of CloudFlare. “It’s so easy to cause so much damage.  Matthew Prince.  Matthew fucking Prince…using 1950s sensationalism related to nuclear weapons to describe a fucking DDOS attack.  This guy is a real winner.  Its more like a giant traffic jam.  Deal with it.  The prince of sensationalism and is just glad to get his company in the headlines.  You should sign up for his services.

The so-called distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks have reached previously unknown magnitudes, growing to a data stream of 300 billion bits per second.

OMG.  BILLION?!!?!  Thats like a lot right?

I like how John Markoff (The genius that wrote this glorious piece) finds a quote from Dan Kaminsky and adds it in:

“The No. 1 rule of the Internet is that it has to work,” said Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher who years ago pointed out the inherent vulnerabilities of the Domain Name System. “You can’t stop a DNS flood by shutting down those servers because those machines have to be open and public by default. The only way to deal with this problem is to find the people doing it and arrest them.”

I remember hearing Dan talk at Defcon and if he said this it was not because he wanted to be the only solution.  Considering the guy is so heavy into DNS and actual computer security I am sure he has another solution.  He may have even been talking or inferring about another solution in the same paragraph.

More crap written buy another jerk at Times News that is read by the millions of morons who support any solution to make them safer.  I wish these idiots would stop referring to DDOS attacks as anything more then what they are.



I have been doing a decent amount of work as of late. I have a great home lab setup that functions great. I have two more pieces to put in place and I should be ready to rock. I will then have an incredble mobile setup that can be remotly administrated and accessed. Fully secure.

I am down to my last little bit of messing around. I have been working towards involving myself into a group project. Something opensource and something that needs done. I think it will gear me up for the future to come. I have my own external resources for publishing and have now internal resources for record. I do not know what I am going to get into next but when I decide I will let you know. Hopefully gone are the days of putting all this time in and never seeing even one observer comment.

I recently visited Fablab in Tacoma. They are a young hacker space with a bright future if they do it right.